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2024 Show: Women in Pop


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Halftime Show Music to Print



Music should be memorized as best as possible PRIOR to camp in August. Check THIS LIST to see which part you have been assigned as of now. Final decisions will be made in August to ensure the best sound of the BAND.

Click HERE to access the Google Drive and print off PDF's of your parts. 
Music Edits
  • We Found Love: cut from the downbeat of m.37 to I Like It
  • I Like It: start at m. 8 (placing the downbeat note from We Found Love on beat 1 of that measure)
  • Shallow: observe the "optional cut to Coda" (removing m. 32-44)
  • Shake It Off: m. 29-44 will be replaced with a drumline feature. Play the "fall" at m.29, come back in m. 44 beat 2.
  • Raise Your Glass: no changes.



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