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CLC Band Handbook 


  1. We will come prepared to rehearsals each day with the appropriate instrument, equipment, pencil, and music.
  2. We will all show respect for one another, our space, and our equipment.
    • No extraneous talking when learning is taking place
    • All equipment put away in the appropriate space (cases CLOSED)
    • Instrument lockers clean with ONLY band materials
    • All garbage cleaned up
  3. We will display a hard work ethic and a positive attitude.
  4. Students will be completely prepared to begin rehearsal 3 minutes after the bell rings, (instrument assembled, warmed-up, music in order, pencil ready)
  5. We are expected to practice independently outside of class.
  6. We will be working at the highest level at all performances.
  7. We will have an instrument in good working order along with all of the appropriate accessories (see below on specific requirements).
  8. Students will be aware of all scheduled band events by reading the Band Calendar, paying attention to announcements, and checking text/e-mail/website/Facebook.
  9. Students will communicate with their parents regarding all scheduled band activities.
  10. Students will look at the weekly rehearsal schedule posted outside the bandroom each week and be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment.
  11. Students will resolve all conflicts with band activities well in advance of the event (at least 3 months for major concerts & performances).
  12. Students will communicate with the Director all absences from events by e-mail or a written note from a parent BEFORE the absence.
  13. Students will ask the Director what was missed on school days in which the student was absent.
  14. Students will follow all rules as outlined in the student handbook.
  15. We will have FUN.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to be in attendance at all scheduled band events.  Any event taking place outside of the school day MUST have a PARENT NOTE (email is fine) stating a valid reason in order for the absence to be excused.


Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Percussion Grading

The credit received per semester is ¼ credit and impacts your GPA that amount only.


Assessment Type  Percentage of Total Grade

Formative Assessments:

Class Participation, Classwork, and SmartMusic Assignments 


 Summative Assessments:
        Performances, Playing Tests, Reflections


General Grading Information


  • Rehearsal participation will be assessed weekly.
  • All Make-up work must be completed within 1 week of the absence.
  • Any late assignments  will receive partial credit at Mr. Levin's discretion.
  • All other assignment point values will be indicated on the on-line gradebook.

Standard D155 Grading Scale will be used:


A+       97.5-100


B+    87.5-89.99

C+   77.5-79.99

D+   67.5-69.99

F     0-59.99


A      92.5-97.49


B     82.5-87.49

C     72.5-77.49

D    62.5-67.49



A-     90-92.49


B-     80-82.49

C-     70-72.49

D-    60-62.49




Extra Credit

Various extra credit opportunities are available throughout the year.  Some examples include auditioning for IMEA, participating in Mads Brass/Recorders, and participating in musical.


Performance Policy

Students will not be allowed to leave a performance until dismissed by the director.  This includes staying for the entirety of concerts, football games, and shows.  This includes cleaning up all equipment after a performance.  To violate this policy unexcused is to forfeit up to 100% of your points earned for the events.


Eligibility Policy

District 155 considers marcing band to be a co-curricular activity and as such, during the marching band season, all band students' grades will be monitored by school officials for eligibility.  All students must be passing 5 classes (1 of which can be PE, but does not include band or choir) to maintain eligibility.  If a students is not passing 5 classes, he/she will still be allowed to practice with the band.  In addition, the student will be expected to attend all performances, but cannot dress in uniform.  An alternate assignment will be given to make-up the points missed from not performing.  Once a student's grades are pulled up and it is determined that the student is passing 5 classes, he/she will be allowed to be a full participating member of the band starting with the next eligibility checking period (typically 1 week).

Instrument Security & Responsibility Policy

To the best of our ability, Band students are provided with a locker and combination lock to securely store their instruments.  Any student NOT utilizing the combination lock provided does so at his/her own risk.  The school shall not be responsible for instrument damage or theft as the result of an unlocked locker.  Take security seriously.


All instruments (school or personal) are to be in good working order.  This includes no leaks or major dents; appropriate lubricating of valves/slides/corks; clean bores/mouthpieces; and all necessary accessories.  Any instruments in need of repair are to be dealt with immediately with an appropriate "loaner" provided while the instrument is in the shop.  At any time instruments may be inspected for a grade.  To earn full credit the student must have an instrument in good working order as well as the following accessories:


Instrument Required Accessories
Flute Cleaning rod with handkerchief

3 good reeds in an appropriate reed case, swab, cork grease

Trumpet Valve oil, slide grease, straight & cup mutes
Horn Valve oil, slide grease, mute
Trombone Valve oil, slide grease, spray bottle with water
Tuba/Euphonium Valve oil, slide grease

Stick Bag with: concert snare sticks, yarn mallets, and plastic or rubber mallets.  

Binder w/sheet protectors to store music.

HQ Real Feel Practice Pads are provided and must be in class daily.

School Instrument Rental Policy

Crystal Lake Central High School owns many instruments that students may rent from the school for a nominal yearly fee.  Students are expected to care for the instrument as if it were their own.  This includes REGULAR oiling of valves, greasing of corks and slides, and removal of water from the instrument (swabbing the bore, emptying water keys, etc.).  Any damage to the instrument MUST BE REPORTED TO MR. LEVIN IMMEDIATELY.  Any repairs from the result of normal wear and tear on the instrument (pad wears out, etc.) are covered by the school.  Any repairs from the result of neglect or flagrant misuse will be covered by the student and his/her family.  As a result of such mistreatment, the student may lose the privilege of using the school instrument and will not receive a refund for the rental cost of the instrument.  Mr. Levin reserves the final say as to who is responsible for the instrument repair costs.  Repairs will only be completed by technicians approved by Mr. Levin.  Students renting an instrument must complete the appropriate portion of the Handbook Verification Form.

Lunch Policy

  • Only students that have no assigned lunch periods will have the privilege of being allowed to use part of the band period to eat.
  • Students are encouraged to “brown bag” lunch.
  • Students that must use the cafeteria to purchase food will be allowed an extra 5 minutes to buy food and bring it up to the bandroom to eat.  They will also receive a special sticker to place on their ID's to show the cafeteria workers and security guard.
  • Students are expected to go immediately from the previous period to the cafeteria to arrive before the big rush.  Any students wasting time in the hall before going to lunch will lose the privilege of eating during band.
  • Students that eat in class must eat during times when we are not playing (i.e. between pieces, during announcements, when working with other sections, etc.).
  • Student that eat lunch in the bandroom are responsible for cleaning up all trash produced from their lunch.  Failure to do so will result in a warning. Repeated failures will cause the student to lose the privilege of eating during band.
  • Rehearsals that are deemed “Starving Musicians” indicate that NO ONE is allowed to use the band period to eat lunch.  These days include rehearsals with special guests, rehearsals in the auditorium, or special presentation days.

Study Hall Policy

Students have the privilege to come to the music department during study hall periods when space is available. Students must have a pass from Mr. Levin and then sign-out of their study hall.  Since this is not social hour or time to just "hang out," students must be working on one of the listed activities.  Students not using this time appropriately will lose the privilege of coming down to the bandroom.

  • Practicing Band/Lesson Music
  • Having a Private Lesson
  • Helping Mr. Levin with Library, Office Work, etc.

Music Policy

  • Students will be issued a flip folder to use in marching/pep band.
  • Student will be issued a black concert folder for use in concert band.
  • Students will be issued music to practice and perform.
  • All music and folders remain property of Crystal Lake Central High School
  • If any items are lost or destroyed it is the responsibility of the student to replace the item(s) and also pay any associated costs with the replacement.

Marching Band Uniform Policy

  • Students are expected to properly care for their marching band uniform.
    • Uniforms are to be properly hung on their hangers in the assigned garment bag in the appropriate closet.
    • Hats must be placed in the assigned hat box in the same closet as the uniform.
  • Students are expected to achieve a proper fit for their uniform.
    • Jacket sleeves and pants may be hemmed, but NO MATERIAL is to be cut from the uniform.
    • Jacket sleeves should end at the wrist bone.
    • Pants should NOT have a break in the cuff.
  • Plumes are to be returned immediately after all performances to the Plume Boxes.  Plumes must only be handled by the metal loop.
  • Socks must be BLACK and end mid-shin.
  • Shoes must be specially made marching band shoes ONLY.
  • There is to be NO EATING OR DRINKING in uniform except for water.
  • Uniforms are dry cleaned after the marching season and paid for by the school district; any dry cleaning necessary during the school year is the responsibility of the student.
  • All uniform parts remain property of Community High School District 155 (including hangers and garment bags).  Any damage to the uniform will result in the student being charged for the repair/replacement of the uniform part at the current rate established by DeMoulin Brothers (uniform manufacturer).
  • Any student not treating their uniform properly as indicated above will receive a warning with parent notification (as necessary) followed by a detention on any subsequent violations.

Concert Bands Uniform Policy

The following uniform is expected for a concert performance unless otherwise indicated by the director.  All clothing must be appropriate for school and indicative of a "professional classical music atmosphere."


   Men  Women
 Top Black button-down dress shirt Dressy Black blouse with sleeves (long or short...NO TANK TOPS)
 Bottom Black dress pants with dressy black belt Black FLOOR-LENGTH skirt OR black dress pants
 Socks Black dress socks Black or nude nylons as appropriate
 Shoes Black dress shoes (slip-on or with black laces) Black closed-toed dress shoes


Unacceptable Items
Denim, leggings, shorts, vests, jackets, scarves, sneakers.

Handbook Violation Consequences


If a rule from our handbook is broken, there will be a consequence for the student.  Consequences are determined by Mr. Levin to fit the violation and can include loss of points, payment for broken/missing items, detentions, class steps, loss of field trip/travel privileges, or other as deemed necessary.

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